16th Annual Pre-NAB Discussion Panel
March 22, 2019 - PART 1

The 16th Annual Editors' Lounge Pre-NAB Discussion Panel was held on Friday March 22nd at Key Code Media in Burbank. The evening was moderated by journalist Debra Kaufman and featured:

Michael Kammes, creative technologist
Terence Curren
, colorist and founder of AlphaDogs
Mary DeChambres, editor
Philip Hodgetts
, co-founder of Lumberjack System

Discussion covered a wide range of editing and technical topics pertaining to post production. Thank you to the staff at Key Code Media and AlphaDogs for running the event, and special thanks to Greg Huson and Rand Vossler for production support. Here are the topics discussed:

01:43 - Norm Hollyn tribute
08:34 - Attendance plans and thoughts on NAB
14:11 - HPA Tech Retreat
15:36 - What NLEs are you working with?
17:42 - Why "American Ninja Warrior" has to be edited in Avid.
21:16 - Who is using Adobe Creative Cloud?
27:28 - Where does this leave Apple's Final Cut Pro X?
2:16 - What about Blackmagic's Resolve?
33:52 - Are we seeing trends in editing?
39:54 - What is Lumberjack System and how does it help the editor?
Part 2 - Q&A SESSION - Coming Soon!

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